The SAS is the worlds leading Special Forces Regiment who are trained to go into situations to perform a number of different Black Ops senators, however, the SAS never leave their base to go into a situation blind they often train for days and weeks for situations they know they will find. Often they will do reconnaissance to be better prepared for the situation they know they will come up against.

The SAS Kill House is normally a wooden structure which is built to represent the building, they will have to enter to either bring a Siege, an Extraction or an Assassination.

Besides the Kill House, The SAS have Trains, Planes and Automobiles at their disposal at their training base.

One of the most effect Black Ops operations was the ending of the 1980 Iranian Embassy Siege in London when the hostatge takers shot dead of the hostage in cold blood.

3 Days prior to this murder a specially designed Kill House was built using the Iranian Embassy Plans and 5 days Recognisance to show which rooms the Hostage Takers and Hostages were in. The Kill House was split into two parts, the Ground Floor where Red Team Trained and the Ist Floor where the Blue Team Trained.

From all the training they devise a plan to to neutralise each hostage taker and release the hostages unharmed.

Because of the Planing and Training Operation Nimrod was over in 17 minutes.

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