My Airsoft gear has been modeled on the tactical kit of the 22nd SAS Counter Terrorism Warfare unit.

My 22nd SAS Counter Terrorism Warfare tactical kit consists of Black Ski Mask, Gas Mask with Gas Mask Hood, Tactical Helmet, Black Military Jumper, Black Tactical Vest, Black Tactical Gloves, Black Tactical Belt, Black Tactical Trousers and Black Military Boots.

I have a variety of support weapons consisting of an Airsoft Retractable Blade Dagger, Airsoft Glock 17 Gas Pistol and the old faithful Heckler and Kock MP5 K Semi Automatic Gas Machine Gun.

Also in my arsenal I have a couple of Airsoft Smoke Grenades and Airsoft Impact Grenades. Depending on the venue I have a couple of other devices including Trip Wires and other Anti Intrusion devices which can be used various inside or outside venues.

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