How to Make a Gas Mask Hood

22nd SAS Squadron’s Gas Mask Hood one of their key kit components.

Gas Mask Hood

Here is a photograph of what we want to achieve.

See the photograph

1. Cut Blackout Fabric

Ok, so purchase some thick Backout fabric and cut a length big enough to go twice the length of your chest.

2. Creating the Hood.

Take both ends of the Cut Blackout Fabric and fold it over long ways.

Then Stitch either side of the Blackout Fabric together to create a Blackout Hood.

2. Cutting the Holes

Now put the Gas Mask inside the Hood and position the gas mask to the top centre of the Hood. Once you have it you can cut the wholes out of the hood careful to not make them to big. Just enough to sit neatly round the Gas Mask Lenses.

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