22nd SAS Squadron’s Gas Mask Hood one of their key kit components.

Gas Mask Hood

Here is a photograph of what we want to achieve.

Parts List

  1. Some Blackout Fabric.
  2. Super Glue.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Needle and Black Thread.
  5. Cardboard

See the photograph

1. Cut Blackout Fabric

Take the Blackout Fabric and put one end to to just below your shoulders. Now put the blackout fabric over your head and roughly measure to the same length as the opposite side of your body and Cut the Fabric.

2. Creating the Hood.

Take both ends of the Cut Blackout Fabric and fold it over long ways.

Turn the Blackout Fabric inside out and Stitch either side of the Blackout Fabric together to create a Blackout Hood.

3. Cutting the Holes

Place the Gas Mask inside the Hood with the top of the hood centered. Just loosely drape the hood over the Gas Mask and mark out the eyes and vent holes.

4. Gluing Up

Line up the holes, tuck it in and add a little glue to line up the hood correctly.

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