The Cobra MicroTALK 2 way radios are a very versatile little setup with a range of approx 35 – 50 miles and additional Accessories include a Throat Mic and ear piece leaving the user vertically hands free.

I purchased a set of these brilliant little radios for our Airsoft Club which has Two Teams of 6 players which we split up into when at Airsoft games. This is to represent 21 Squadron of the British SAS who have two teams of, Red and Blue Teams. Each Team has a Team Leader who has a Cobra MicroTALK radio and communicates strategies to his team and keeps the other team informed. We find that with the use of the radios we can take on a mission and split it into two parts allowing each team to concentrate on their objectives.

Our Airsoft game strategies very much depend on the reliability of the radios we use, but the one thing that makes a win possible in every game is your ability to community clearly to our other team. The Cobra MicroTALK radio gives us the ability to cut parts of our opponents team off from getting to safety is crucial to winning a game.

Click Here for the Cobra MicroTALK 2 way radios

Click Here for the Ear and Throat Mic

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