The Viper Tactical Wrist Map Case comes in a verity of colour including Black, Green, Camouflage Green and can be used for:

Why is it good for Hiking? It prevents you from having to rummage around your Rucksack to find a map every two minutes. It also saves you from carrying the Map round your neck and frees your hands from needing to carry a Map all the time. You don’t need to use your hands to read it if you keep your Map section of your Wrist Map Case Pouch open.

Why with Airsoft Gaming – It is ideal for when your Airsoft Game is in a forest or requires you cover an amount of ground. Also building plans and target identification and other information you may require. Personally, in my Map Pouch, I have a mini-map of the Mourn Mountains and in another a photo fit of our. My photo fit has 8 Most Wanted and could easily be replaced with frequent opposition team members for game authenticity. Its also good for Snipers who are snipping in fairly small areas and need to identify subjects.


This is a fantastic Tactical Wrist Map Case which has two fully adjustable clip wrist straps for keeping tight to your lower Arm. There is also a Map Pouch and two Smaller Pouches for various different admin functions. The Tactical Wrist Map Case also includes a top zipped pouch for other things like money, note pad, pens or even for energy snake bars. You can either keep the map section open all the time or have it closed over with the use of the Velcro strip.

The Wrist Map Case Pouch also comes in a verity of colours including Black, Green, and Camouflage Green, etc.

Cost: They are relatively cheap for what they are and are a good addition to your military equipment.

Click here to see the Viper Tactical Wrist Map Case Pouch

Map Pouch Size: 13.28 cm x 15.09 cm Res: 300

Smaller Pouch Size: 14 cm x 8 cm Res: 300

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